Alex Spiro Joins The Consello Group as a Senior Advisor

July 11, 2022

Alex Spiro has joined Consello as a Senior Advisor. Mr. Spiro is a well-known litigator and successful investor. He serves as Chairman of Glassbridge Enterprises and is a board member and strategic advisor to a number of groundbreaking companies. Mr. Spiro is a former prosecutor and the former coordinator of an autism children’s program at McLean Hospital, Harvard’s psychiatric hospital.

Mr. Spiro is a graduate of the Harvard Law School where he continues to teach. He has lectured and written on a variety of subjects related to psychology and the law.

About Consello

The Consello Group is a strategic investing and specialized financial services platform. We invest capital to grow companies and we advise clients across industries for growth and market leadership. Consello also offers proprietary business development and digital currency advisory businesses to help companies excel and evolve. Consello offers these four distinct but integrated businesses all on one platform: Investing, M&A Advisory and Merchant Banking, Business Development and Digital Currency Advisory.